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our purpose in writing this book and our desire and intention for everyone who reads it is that they be empowered to create in their lives authentic relationships. the journey of writing this book has been a significant part of our own journey in recovery and in the creation of authentic relationships in our own lives. we offer our combined experience of forty-five years in 12-step spiritual recovery and other healing and transformational work. it is, for us, a gift of service to others who have found themselves with this dis-sease of co-sex addiction and dysfunctional relationships. for those who want to understand co-sex addiction and receive the guidance and real life experiences of others who have recovered from co-sex addiction, this is their book. we believe this is the most thorough and honest information available.

in this book we honor the feminine voice which very loudly declare that we will not longer carry nor enable the shame of our offenders, nor will we be victims in our own lives. we do this by first learning self honesty, self love and self respect and then we share what we have learned with others. we welcome you on your own journey of recovery and self empowerment and trust you will find support and comfort through our connection.

with love and many blessings,
sally and claudine

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